About the author

My Name is Jason Eyermann. I was Born on April 1980 in the city of Bristol which is situated in the southwest of England, UK. I also grew up in Bristol and I currently live in Bristol. At the time of writing this book I was working as a self-employed graphic designer under the company name Aspire create. You can find my company website at www.aspirecreate.co.uk. Even though I normally have a busy work schedule, I set aside some time on most days for my hobbies, one being language learning. I have been learning languages as a hobby for more than 15 years. Over this period of time I have been able to continuously improve my learning methods by researching and trying many different methods over a long period of time while noticing any differences to my level between different methods of time in order to make my language learning more efficient and enjoyable.

My spoken languages

Born and raised in England. English is my first language and is the language I use everyday.

The French language was my first foreign language that I started to learn when I was 20 years old. I learned this language on and off for around 9 years. I have French family who do not speak English so occasionally I get the opportunity to speak this language with them. The level of French is currently better than other foreign languages that I can speak. My level goes up and down in this language depending on how long I have gone without practicing the language.

I have learned Chinese Mandarin for over 3 years. It's a language that I am still improving when I have the time. I can now take part in many different types of conversations with this language.

When I decided to learn Spanish, I was determined to study for one hour per day. I quickly noticed the similaries to French and I was able to use my knowledge in French to help me improve my Spanish. After one year of learning Spanish I was able to understand most of what I heard on spanish TV and I was able to take part in most conversations. Spanish is a language that I really enjoy speaking and now and then I try to learn more as Spain is one of my regular holiday destinations.

I wanted to learn a new language along side writing my book. I choose the Thai language as it was a language considered to be more difficult than most langauges for an English speaker and Thailand is a place that I have been on holiday a few times and I thought it would be wonderful to be able to speak with the locals there. I started to Learn this language in January 2014. After learning this language for a year I was able to take part in many different types of conversations. It's a language I would like to continue to learn.

I would also like to continue to learn more languages. Some languages that currently interest me and that I have both looked into as well as considered studying full time in the future are, Italian, Romanian, Persian, Vietnamese and Japanese.